By bridging the gap between formal classroom learning and informal on-the-floor learning, social learning solutions create an environment that allows people to share and grow with their peers.

Social learning isn’t so much a teaching opportunity as it is an opportunity for an organizer to direct a group of people while they teach each other. Every employee has valuable perspectives and experiences that others can learn from, and while ideally, the exchange of knowledge would happen naturally or organically – it often doesn’t.

Social learning takes place online, from any Internet-enabled computer, whenever the employee has the time and desire to participate.

It can take the form of:


Forums or
Message Boards

where employees can preserve conversations in digital format and reference the knowledge therein easily at a later date.



that give employees the opportunity to communicate in real-time, allowing them to help others or ask for help with an in-the-moment dilemma.


Social Media

that allow them to quickly poll a good number of their peers, share their ideas and have them cheered (or not!), and be themselves.

Why Use Social Learning?

The benefits of social learning are huge and varied:


Reduce Costs

by avoiding ineffective ‘everyone stop working and come to the classroom scenarios.


Reduce Training Time

by allowing your employees to participate in social learning on their schedule.


Spread the Good

by allowing the employees with the best abilities in each area to share their understanding with the others.


Help Employees Accurately Evaluate Their Skills

by showing them firsthand the competencies and gaps in their peers’ skillsets.


Use the Zone of Proximate Development

by creating a situation where the people with the most skill naturally take the lead and challenge the others by providing them with advanced information.

TrainSmart can help your company set up a social learning solution, train the leaders and all-stars in each area on how to best use it to advance everyone’s education, and provide the tools you need to operate the environment safely and effectively.

TrainSmart will work with you to make sure the training is relevant, compelling, engaging, sustainable and award-winning.

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