Looking For A Technology Rollout Training Partner?

Are you a training manager needing to increase staff productivity or a technology professional responsible for developing a new project using computer software? TrainSmart has the on-site training solutions for you.

TrainSmart specializes in performance and technology rollout solutions employing training, consulting, assessments, coaching and development. It is our goal to help maximize your investment in your employees and technology by ensuring that the training is relatable, transferable and measurable.

As your technology training partner, our technology consultants help you identify software training goals, set up workshops to meet those goals, and deliver a comprehensive, needs-based curriculum focused on your company’s specific training needs.

A Few Technology Solutions We Specialize In:

Siebel Training Solutions

TrainSmart has designed and delivered custom Siebel training for clients since the 1996. We are learning specialists that understand how adults learn best. Our their instructional design talent, coupled with their experiences of designing and developing for several Siebel sales solutions. The training is relevant, hands-on and repeatable. We include performance support systems for quick review.

SAP Training Solutions

TrainSmart designers have worked with all aspects of SAP from accounting through the setup of the SAP Learning Management Systems (LMS). We’ve provided SAP training development, designed software training for web delivery and used SAP’s Workforce Performance Builder training content development tool.

The learning experience is what the participant(s) will need to accomplish during their day to day business. Many of our developers, designers and facilitators were former Information Managers or programmers for SAP implementations. – We provide the experts to work with a client’s Subject Matter Experts.

Documentum Training Solutions

TrainSmart’s Director of Instructional Design and the Director of Technology Solutions both have over 20 years of experience creating training solutions for a company’s document management system: Documentum (or it may be called a special project name within the walls of our clients). Our designers/facilitators have worked on multiple Documentum implementations. Whether a part of the needs assessment team, or brought in to assess the company’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Training design begins with the review or updating of the current SOPs. Companies hire us because of the amount of practical experience that we have working with Pharmaceutical Companies that are implementing, upgrading or enhancing a Documentum solution. We are great Team Members!

Past Documentum Projects

  • Delivered Documentum and Core Dossier training for selected authors/publishers
  • Created a low cost simulation, which introduces the basics of the Documentum document management system.
  • Developed and delivered Train-the-Trainer for Documentum Workspace and WebClient
  • Re-designed a 4.5 hour eLearning training modules that support Documentum (BaxEDGE) document management system
  • Developed customized training aids for MS Office, Expense Reporting and Documentum training classes
  • Developed and delivered a customized Documentum and CoreDossier training materials using a variety of training modalities.

Microsoft Office Training Solutions

There are a few reasons that TrainSmart is selected to deliver Microsoft Office training.

  1. One size or one class does not fit all audience needs
  2. We tailor all of our workshops by utilizing example files from our clients/participants
  3. We utilize job aids and relevant customer example handouts, rather than a third party book that does not have activities that relate directly to the client/participant
  4. Training can be elearning, interactive workshop, town hall show and tell, one-on-one, instructor led and we are flexible with the hours of our workshops. Quite often we have one group of participants in the morning and a different set of participants in the afternoon.
  5. Very reasonably priced
  6. Many of our facilitators are Microsoft Certified and also teach professional development workshops such as Effective Communications, Presentation Skills which provides a higher caliber of teaching/facilitating.

Adobe Training Solutions

All of our trainers are Adobe certified. Many of which has degrees in key disciplines like Graphics, Web Design, and Video. Our facilitators are able to teach tips and tricks on how to use best use the applications, but also teach best practices with regard to design of communication pieces, the development of web sites, video, training materials, and more.

Microsoft CRM Training

TrainSmart has been designing and developing training for the Microsoft CRM training since its release. Our designers, developers and facilitators know other Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems which allows they to relate the best approach for the design of the training, whether it is eLearning, webinar, instructor –led or a combination.

Microsoft SharePoint Training

Experience. Our facilitators are certified in Sharepoint, including the latest version 2010! They are experienced facilitators and programmers and totally enjoy working with the implementation and training of employees using Sharepoint. They have exciting ideas and can shortcut the learning curve for both the IT folks and the end-user responsible for their own piece of the internal website.

Have A Corporate Technology Rollout? We Can Help!

TrainSMART’s product-certified trainers are ready now to assist you with corporate technology rollouts. We can customize existing courses or build new ones to meet your specific needs and deliver training using all methodologies and technologies. Contact us at 800-807-8030 or inquiries@trainsmartinc.com.

TrainSmart will work with you to make sure the training is relevant, compelling, engaging, sustainable, and award-winning.

Call us at 800-807-8030 or fill out the form below to schedule a time to discuss your vision to see the best way that TrainSmart can support your next project!