We develop and deliver high-impact, large-scale learning initiatives! Choose TrainSMART to design, deliver, and manage your large-scale learning projects!

The people side of large-scale learning initiatives of technology or procedure and process are often described as – chaotic; overwhelming; time-consuming; expensive; resource-draining; costly; unsuccessful.

If you partner with TrainSmart when facing a major change, you can add terms like better; less stressful; more efficient; easier; successful! TrainSmart’s Smart Solution™ is a blend of Project Management, Communication, and Collaboration Tools that breed success!

SmartSolution™ skillfully moves your project from pre-planning to closure using multiple layers of project leadership, the application of continuous communication, and a fully integrated client/TrainSmart team!

The TrainSmart Smart Solution™ seamlessly blends planning meetings, launch, reporting with proven collaboration tools to provide organization, communication, and status snapshots that make your life easier!

Hire TrainSMART For large-cale training program design and program management.


That’s why, when TrainSmart takes on a large-scale training project, we commit everything to it.

With several project managers directing their individual teams and reporting to a program manager that acts as a conductor to the entire affair using collaboration tools, defined escalation paths, and scheduled meetings and reports, we make sure everyone stays synchronized and on the plan.

How can TrainSMART help?

Large-scale training projects are appropriate almost any time that you’re making a decision that will affect your entire business in multiple ways:

  • IT or other systemic rollouts
  • A change in mission statement or other core business values
  • Adopting new management methods or relational strategies
  • Mergers or reorganizations
  • Introducing a radically new product or service
  • Expanding into a new cultural environment

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