Large-scale training projects have several challenges unique to their execution. Having multiple teams simultaneously working on different deadlines with different deliverables requires intensive orchestration, clear communication, and consistency across projects and tasks.

An Example of a Large-Scale Project

For example, an organization might decide to update its IT system company-wide in order to ensure future purposes. That requires not only that the IT staff learn about the system they’re implementing, but that every department learns about the portion of the new IT system that’s relevant to their work, and that management understands how the new IT system is going to affect workflow. 

TrainSmart will assign teams to create the learning tools necessary for each department, head each team with a Project Manager, and assign a Program Manager to the entire group. Every department receives learning material that is relevant to their job and their role in the company, and the IT rollout comes out to a crowd of people that are ready for it (and, if we’ve done our job right, excited by it!), and productivity improves when the change hits. 

Hire TrainSMART For large-cale training program design and program management.


That’s why, when TrainSmart takes on a large-scale training project, we commit everything to it.

With several project managers directing their individual teams and reporting to a program manager that acts as a conductor to the entire affair using collaboration tools, defined escalation paths, and scheduled meetings and reports, we make sure everyone stays synchronized and on the plan.

When Is Large-Scale Training Appropriate

Large-scale training projects are appropriate almost any time that you’re making a decision that will affect your entire business in multiple ways:

  • IT or other systemic rollouts
  • A change in mission statement or other core business values
  • Adopting new management methods or relational strategies
  • Introducing a radically new product or service

Why Choose TrainSmart for Your Large-Scale Training Projects?

If you’re making a significant change to the way you do business, particularly if you don’t have a lot of time on hand to educate your employees about the change, you need TrainSmart to help everyone learn. With TrainSmart, you’ll have the learning materials ready before the switchover date, and your employees will know what to expect before it hits. Call TrainSmart today and get the process started.

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