Business Challenge

The global pharmaceutical company, growing business sectors through mergers and acquisitions, wanted to standardize a business intelligence software application that improves business decisions.  The software program takes information from many different database sources and converts it into understandable reports that are used to analyze the current business and business decisions.

TrainSmart Solution

TrainSmart provided a team of two instructional designers, each with significant pharmaceutical/healthcare and technical expertise to meet with the client and the software vendor selected for the purpose of building training that was sustainable and reusable.  The instructional design consultants learned the business advantages of using this system, as well as the strategies and steps on how to utilize it to produce meaningful reports and graphs.


The instructional designers designed and developed training that could be delivered via instructor-led, one-on-one coaching, or via a webinar approach. TrainSmart and the client both provided resources to provide the training.  Over a period of three months, the entire sales force of 3,000 and 400 managers were effectively using the software tool.

The design of the Documentum training was sustainable as district managers or regional trainers were able to continue the training for new hires.

The Client reported, after the TrainSmart training, richer data produced greater sales results; at the same time, clear concise reports reduced the number of required meetings.