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Training Challenge

Record management is a critical part of every business.  Like many organizations, Exelon had taken a quilt-work approach to this issue with some records on individual desktops; others in shared systems like SharePoint; and outsourced record storage.

With the introduction of an electronic management system, Exelon centralized records enabling it to stay in compliance with regulatory requirements while saving money through the elimination of costs associated with storing obsolete data beyond its lifecycle–not to mention the time saved by employees searching for or duplicating existing documents.

At its core, a record management system ensures that needed information is retrievable, authentic, and accurate.

While Exelon could have purchased an off-the-shelf records management system, it decided to use Documentum because the company was already using it for document management.

However, as Exelon began planning the launch of its new Electronic Record Management System, they discovered a peculiar thing – no training on the basics of Documentum existed and no one within the organization had the experience or knowledge to provide that training.  Documentum is not a user-friendly system.  It is highly complex and not intuitive.

That discovery changed everything about how the records management team planned to roll out its new system.

The Solution

The discovery that no one internally could provide training support on Documentum caused the company to step back and re-evaluate this training need.  The first thing they did was to look for a training partner with deep Documentum experience.

Since TrainSmart has offered training on Documentum for 18 years, we had the needed expertise and experience to solve their problem.

Our first step was to create a custom eLearning course for the Record Management System Training.  We dubbed that course “Documentum 101.”  It was immediately made available to any employee who was using Documentum for general document management as a prerequisite.

This prerequisite provided employees and teams with several options:

  • An hour-long instructor led course with a scripted facilitator guide, PowerPoints, and a participant guide enabling internal Exelon employees to deliver the training.
  • Elearning modules that could be used as either support or substitute for the Instructor-led training.
  • Interactive Job Aids enabling employees to quickly get a refresher on a process or procedure for completing a task in Documentum.

Only after people successfully completed Documentum 101, could they attend the more complex course on Records Management.

The format for the Records Management System mirrored the approach taken in the “Documentum 101” training including an instructor-led option that included a scripted facilitator guide, PowerPoint Decks, a Participant Guide, and an interactive job aid that linked to numerous one or two-minute information bursts that provided step by step instructions on a particular feature or process in Documentum.