Business Challenge

A global pharmaceutical company was planning to implement Siebel CRM solutions, along with new hardware and processes. The global pharmaceutical company intended to improve the support of the sales team to increase sales, initiate a process that captures, daily, all opportunities and transactions, provide better customer service, continue to identify their client’s needs, and facilitate communications across the company’s many departments. The global pharmaceutical company looked to TrainSmart to assess their needs, implement Siebel CRM and provide needed training.

TrainSmart Solution

As a part of the analysis process, TrainSmart identified the key learning necessary for the users of the systems to be effective. TrainSmart provided a team of experienced instructional designers to design and develop instructor-led and e-support tools. Additionally, TrainSmart provided a team of facilitators to deliver the instructor-led, webinar-led training and a Train-the-Trainer course, which prepared their Learning & Development team to deliver the training beyond the initial rollout.


In less than four months, 2,000 sales and marketing teams were utilizing their new hardware, systems, and processes. TrainSmart enabled the company to get their employees up to speed quickly on the new hardware and processes, as well as promote the establishment and maintenance of opportunity, client contacts, and transactions. Additionally, a Trainer’s Toolkit and Guide were created for the in-house trainers to train new hires added beyond the rollout.