Business Challenge

When this organization implemented an expansive and complicated document management system they were suddenly in need of company-wide training to best educate their employees on the important new server. In order to be effective, this organization needed a solution to training and support in an environment with minimal SMEs and financial constraints. To best achieve this much-needed solution, the client turned to TrainSmart for their training needs.

TrainSmart Solution

TrainSMART’s blended learning solutions allowed the organization to maximize resources, reduce travel expenses, and truly roll out a global system without the dependency on instructor-led training. The custom eLearning development also acts as a job aid so that users refer to the key areas/content when required.


450 employees have completed the course. To maximize the learner’s and SME’s time, instructor-led training supports the roles that possess the most complex jobs and tasks within the system.

eLearning supplements this training and provides other roles the sole training required to use the system. The e-learning component designed by TrainSmart gave access to the training system while drastically reducing the cost of training.