The Challenge:

When this prominent Chicago textile company realized the lack of internal communication between their departments, a lack of organization with one another and customers, and poor morale and teamwork was hurting not only their company but was causing concerns about their reputation within the industry, they asked for TrainSmart’s help.

TrainSmart was hired due to our expertise in training design consulting services that would help create change and accountability without changing the structure within the company.

The TrainSmart Solution:

TrainSmart suggested a program. Instead of just coming in and facilitating training, this program included effective communication training, customer service training, and teamwork training.

We also used DiSC® communication styles, job aids, and team-building activities.

TrainSmart developed a coaching team designed to help focus on accountability, individual improvement, and conflict resolution. TrainSmart introduced the FIT (Focused Improvement Team) process.

FIT teams are designed to select specific issues that are causing challenges and go through a process to create improvements.  That process includes identifying the symptoms and root causes of the problem, brainstorming solutions, selecting, documenting, and proposing the solution, creating a plan for improvement, communicating and implementing the plan, and measuring and monitoring for ongoing success.

The Results:

Since the TrainSmart training, the company has reported improved morale and teamwork. Most employees are doing a better job of working with one another, respecting one another, and working through challenges instead of just complaining about them. The coaching process has been helping both customer service and the warehouse.

There is an improved understanding of how individual behaviors impact others and a focus on more accountability. The first FIT team made improvements to the order process that has decreased the number of lost orders, improved communication in the system, and increased focus on detail.

Communication with customers has improved verbally and in writing.  There has also been more ownership of solving customer problems and improved interaction. A previous customer who had stopped doing business with the company because of communication challenges and lack of professionalism has returned! Finally, the overall reputation of the industry has improved.