Business Challenge

An east coast law firm wanted in-person time management skills training for 1,200 attorneys and staff of a new york city law firm.

TrainSmart Solution

We provided a consultant and a Time Mastery Profile for each employee. We established an Electronic Profile Information Center (EPIC) account on our systems to support the distribution of the online profiles and trained the client’s EPIC administrator. The TrainSmart team conducted a DiSC Time Mastery Train-the-Trainer for the client and helped the client design a two-hour mandatory baseline workshop along with 18-30 minute competency-focused webinar/workshops to support each time competency measured by the Time Mastery Profile.


The client required that all target staff complete the Time Mastery Profile. From there the results were analyzed to identify the top six competencies each staff should develop.

The training-the-trainer course were conducted and all competencies were trained across the firm in six months. During the six months, all target staff successfully completed their training.