Our financial services client located in Pennsylvania was growing exponentially through acquisition and sales. This rapid growth was negatively impacting customer service since there was inconsistent language, call format, and a lack of the parent organization’s business values, goals, and business processes.

They chose to hire TrainSMART due to the reputation we had of being a best-in-class customer service training company.

Additionally, the client wanted to own the final customer service workshop materials and eLearning reinforcement module.

TrainSmart Activities

TrainSmart’s Sr. Instructional Designer worked with the client to create a High-Level Instructor-led Training Design that delineated what could be addressed in a company-wide Customer Service workshop and what was too functional area specific for the workshop.

The instructional designer also worked with the training department director to improve performance by:

  • Having each team member complete an Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile
  • Generating an Everything DiSC® Culture Report.
  • Coaching the director on how to understand behaviors and leverage Comparison Reports.

Using this client-approved High-Level Design, the TrainSmart Instructional Design Team:

  • Identified off-the-shelf Customer Service materials that the client could purchase.
  • Gained the client’s approval to purchase.
  • Modified the purchased materials to match the client’s branding.
  • Modified the purchased content to match the HLD.
  • Gained approval of the final Student Materials, Instructor Guide, and PPT Deck.
  • Worked with the client’s LMS team to brand and implement the purchased eLearning module

A TrainSmart IBCT (International Board of Certified Trainers) Certified Facilitator then delivered a customized train-the-trainer that incorporated facilitation skills and the approved Customer Service Workshop.


The Client’s customer rolled out the new customer service workshop to the entire organization (6,000 employees at 14 locations) and received positive feedback from their leadership and employees.

They’ll have customer data soon with an expectation that it will improve dramatically.