Industry: Training For Manufacturing


LORD Corporation is a diversified technology and manufacturing company developing adhesives, coatings, motion management devices, and sensing technologies.

Performance Problem:

LORD utilizes the Stage-Gate process to develop new products for clients. Their ability to develop new and innovative products for their customers is paramount to their success. Project managers observed and experienced issues with team members not understanding the process or the Forms associated with the process. This lack of understanding of the process and forms costs LORD substantial money, time, and resources. LORD also experienced issues trying to train employees.

Generally, an employee would be assigned to a project and would require just-in-time training. It was difficult to train employees through instructor-led training due to geography, time, and the ability to coordinate a class promptly. LORD needs a self-service solution. Also, LORD conducted one-on-one training sessions by different project managers and employees received inconsistent training.


TrainSmart performed a training needs assessment to determine the appropriate approach to training.

TrainSMART designed and developed three eLearning modules using Storyline for both English and Chinese audiences. The first course provided a quick overview of the key changes to the process. Two other substantial courses were designed and developed; the Team and the Forms. The Team and Forms courses provide key foundational training in the roles and responsibilities and the usage of forms.

The courses are developed to provide the learner the opportunity to pick and choose based on their role or the form they are responsible for. These eLearning development services provide a robust solution that delivers a consistent training message while also providing the learner the opportunity to participate in coursework applicable to their role.


LORD uses 2 self-service courses that provide training for new employees and a refresher for existing employees as just-in-time training, without the burden of inconsistent one-on-one training.