Quick Notes: Designed, and developed document management training compliance and regulatory needs inclusive of eLearning; instructor-led; job aids; assessments, and Train-the-Trainer.

Training Challenge:

Healthcare regulatory agencies worldwide are moving towards electronic submissions. Several years ago, Baxter launched an electronic content management system called FirstDoc. It enabled Baxter to provide regulatory agencies with the information they need, in the format they require.

In 2016, Baxter rebranded the system to BaxEDGE.  In addition to the rebranding, there were also significant changes to how the system looked and operated.  Baxter needed to create a multi-modality training effort to educate over 3,500 employees on the new BaxEDGE system.

The BaxEDGE system consists of tools for authoring, reviewing, approving, publishing, and archiving submissions as well as providing a common, integrated pan-Baxter business process for managing electronic submission-related content.

Baxter’s goal is to have every person who reads, authors, reviews, approves, publishes, and/or archives documents for regulatory submissions use the system. It is a validated, secure, version-controlled, content-management system that includes full lifecycle document management.

It is comprehensive, complicated, and not always user intuitive. Since training already existed for the original FirstDoc system, the original thought was to update the existing training with the new BaxEDGE look, as well as develop material on the system changes and enhancements.

Baxter wanted to switch eLearning software from Captivate to Storyline. That’s where things got interesting.  Captivate had updated its software several times since the original eLearning courses were created.

Unlike Microsoft products that recognize older versions of their software, captivate does not. That meant none of the original files were available for editing. The other challenge this project presented was that not everyone uses the system the same way.

It varies depending on a person’s role and system access level. That meant the material needed to be mixed-matched and packaged to provide customized information to the various target audiences.

The Training Solution:

Over 14 unique custom eLearning courses were created to support and reinforce instructor-led training on the system.  Because of the complexity of the system, no one expected the ILT training to be a standalone effort. Everyone realized that since it could be months before an employee needed to use the system, the employee would need a brief refresher on the task they needed to perform.  Interactive Job Aids was created to make it quick and easy for employees to “restudy” the material.  The job aids link to three to five-minute eLearning microbursts.  In all, there are 47 microbursts that employees can review.

The 14 eLearning courses are housed in their entirety on a SharePoint site where people can review complete rather than the microbursts.

By using these eLearning courses individuals should be able to:

  • Demonstrate how to access, navigate, and customize BaxEDGE.
  • Demonstrate how to view, create, import, and cancel documents.
  • Demonstrate how to review, edit and approve documents and/or workflows.
  • Demonstrate and describe how to create Virtual Documents