The Situation

The client needed a more effective and efficient way to train new and existing employees on the security structure their client’s experience when using subscribing to the client’s extensive cloud solution.

The Process

TrainSmart provided project management, instructional design, technical writing, and eLearning development services to resolve the client’s needs.

TrainSmart completed the following tasks:

  1. Reformatted the provided PPT Decks.
  2. Converted PPT Notes to an effective script.
  3. Developed GUI interface samples in accordance with the client’s Style Guide.
  4. Developed Proof-of-Concept that the client could evaluate and test on their LMS.
  5. Provided multiple professional voice samples to the client.
  6. Developed adaptive eLearning modules that were SCORM 1.2 compliant in Storyline 360.
  7. Executed quality review cycle for all scripts and eModules that included Alpha and Beta versions.
  8. Delivered all modules within budget and on time.

The client executed the following steps:

  1. Reviewed all scripts and provided feedback in an iterative process.
  2. Reviewed all eModules and provided feedback in a controlled iterative process.
  3. Released final versions within USA.


  1. All global employees have completed the required training.
  2. The client’s technology support group is having TrainSmart convert multiple PPT Decks into eLearning using the same techniques described above.