The Bermuda Government required their subject matter experts to be trained on how to train and evaluate for various levels within the Bermuda Government, as they were launching a Government-wide set of operational changes which included all new technologies and change management.

This international government was looking for a custom train-the-trainer program focused on planning and designing effective training for their subject matter experts and training department.

The TrainSmart Process:

TrainSmart created a three-day Train-the-Trainer Program focused on the principles of adult learning, and how to best create and deliver the best training. The workshop focused on planning, designing effective and usable slides, training with confidence, and infusing storytelling into the training.

The Results:

The implementation has taken place and the Head of the Bermuda Government Administration is thrilled with the decision to choose TrainSmart and for the impact, the learning had on the success of the training and change management component of the initiative.

Each participant completed pre-work and a final presentation in front of the workshop on a training topic they are responsible for, allowing the participants the ability to go forward with confidence to train on their own. So far, the results have been positive.