Elevate Your eLearning with TrainSMART’s Expert Instructional Design.

At TrainSMART, we specialize in creating engaging and effective eLearning experiences tailored to your organization’s unique needs. Our expert instructional designers leverage proven methodologies and cutting-edge technologies to develop interactive, learner-centric courses that educate and reinforce learning and drive results. With our expertise in instructional design for eLearning, we ensure your training initiatives are successful and impactful.

Our Process

Needs Analysis: We begin by understanding your learners, their goals, and your organization’s objectives to ensure the eLearning solution aligns with your business needs and learning gaps.

Instructional Design: Our experienced instructional designers create a comprehensive course outline, incorporating engaging activities, multimedia elements, and assessments to support learning outcomes.

Content Development: We develop compelling content that resonates with your learners, using clear, concise language and visuals to enhance understanding and retention.

eLearning Development: Our skilled developers bring the course to life using industry-leading authoring tools, ensuring a seamless, interactive learning experience across devices.

Quality Assurance: We rigorously test and refine the course to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality, functionality, and accessibility.

Implementation and Evaluation: We work with you to implement the eLearning solution and provide ongoing support. We also work with you to measure the effectiveness of the training to continuously improve future initiatives.

TrainSmart considers learning abilities as a learner’s own capacity to acquire new knowledge, skills, and attitudes. We look to design training to address different learning abilities by considering and instituting the following at a minimum:

  • Use of visuals, diagrams, videos, etc. rather than relying solely on text
  • Utilization of alt text descriptions for imagery
  • Addition of voiceover and sounds to reinforce content as well as closed captioning
  • Include options for text-based content
  • Use of activities such as simulations, knowledge checks and scenarios
  • Institute interactivity, variety, and reinforcement
  • Use of microlearning or chunking of content

Our eLearning Solutions

  • Custom eLearning course development
  • Microlearning modules
  • Mobile learning solutions
  • Gamification and simulations
  • Video-based learning
  • Localization and translation
  • Learning Management System (LMS) integration
  • Accessibility compliance (WCAG, Section 508)

Why Choose TrainSMART?

  • Proven expertise in instructional design and eLearning development
  • Collaborative, client-centric approach
  • Innovative solutions that engage learners and drive performance
  • Commitment to quality and continuous improvement
  • On-time, on-budget delivery

Ready to elevate your training with custom eLearning solutions? Contact us today to discuss your project and learn how TrainSMART can help you achieve your learning goals.