Betco, a chemical manufacturer hired TrainSMART for a custom eLearning development project to create a HAZCOM training course in Rise. Currently, they have HAZCOM training in their LMS, however, this training is very passive and required content updates. Betco provides their clients and customers free training vis the LMS. This client is looking to reintroduce all of their training programs and provide clients with great training.

TrainSmart reimagined and redesigned the course to provide an adequate education.


The client wanted their passive HAZCOM eLearning reimagined into a learning asset that is interactive, simple, and responsive in both English and Spanish. The course needs instructional sound as well as minimal audio to avoid costs associated with translation and voiceover.


TrainSmart redesigned the HAZCOM training in Rise. Activities and interactions were designed as well as a clean look and feel. TrainSmart also created simple and quick videos to integrate into the course.