Business Challenge

In many organizations, Subject Matter Experts receive the task of designing and developing training. Our client found it difficult to financially support the full development of these SMEs in designing and developing training. As a result, our client turned to TrainSmart for a rapid e-learning development solution that would allow Subject Matter Experts to train their own staff using the DIY basics.

TrainSmart Solution

TrainSmart provided the DIY training format to aid in the Clients’ training needs. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) provides the basics of instructional design in a bite-sized learning format to Subject Matter Experts who retain responsibility for creating training.

These 5-10 minute courses focus on the practical aspects of designing training rather than theory.

The wide curriculum of coursework provides a focused message with application-ready job aids. Learners simply select the content based on need and receive focused information, practice, examples, resources, and job aids. The small time commitment-focused learning and customizable job aids allow the SMEs ease, flexibility, and just-in-time training.