Our client wanted to convert 10 PowerPoint Decks to SCORM eLearning modules that included professional voice-over and exit exercise with reinforcement.  They wanted to have this accomplished in 45 business days.

TrainSmart Activities

TrainSmart’s has experience with these kinds of requests based on the creation of 150 plus SCORM eLearning modules from existing PPT Decks for another client that wanted to capture corporate knowledge that was being lost through retiring.

TrainSmart’s Instructional Designer completed the following steps:

  1. Worked with the client to ensure there were clearly defined expectations about process, outcomes, and process.
  2. Based on Step 1, contacted the TrainSmart development partner and negotiated the project schedule.
  3. Reviewed the PPT Decks to ensure clarity of images, spelling, consistent of format, etc. and submitted changes for client approval.
  4. Converted client notes to scripts and submitted to client for approval.
  5. Submitted voice talent samples to client for selection of preference.
  6. Submitted approved Decks with scripts to TrainSmart development partner.
  7. Reviewed Alpha version of each Deck then either:
    1. Returned to Development Partner for rework
    2. Forwarded to client for review and feedback
  8. Consolidated Alpha feedback and communicated with Development partner.
  9. Reviewed Beta version of each Deck using Step 7 steps.
  10. Reviewed Final version and forwarded to client for implementation.
  11. Delivered Decks that contained Developer required changes to the client.


The PowerPoint to SCORM eLearning conversion project was completed on-time and within budget.

The Client’s is using the elearning modules for internal and customer staff with great success.