Business Challenge

This safety organization is moving from not-for-profit to for-profit. The client was looking for a way to drive the need to change and to awaken the entrepreneurial side of their engineering leadership in order to develop new services and expand the market for existing service lines.

TrainSmart Solution

After interviewing the organization’s leadership to ensure that TrainSmart clearly understood expectations, a blended learning solution that included four elements was developed:

  1. Custom eLearning development – Three 10-minute courses were developed. One introduced the facilitator and the learning process. The second overviewed the facilitated element and laid out the pre-work which included an Everything DiSC® Management Profile and a ProfileXT. The third overviewed the long-term, team coaching element.
  2. Facilitation Skills Training – A three-day workshop was built. It introduced the engineering leaders to the entrepreneurial thought process along with the steps for creating and sustaining an entrepreneurial mindset and environment. To bring the concepts to life, the attendees were broken into four teams by their management (done prior to the workshop based on business expertise, assignment, and geography) and through a structured series of activities formed their teams, selected potential opportunities for expanding their respective service lines, and set an agenda and time table for the coaching element.
  3. Business Coaching – Each of the teams participated in six one-hour coaching teleconference sessions during which they over-viewed their progress on their projects. The TrainSmart Coach ensured that all team members were participating and that the process and procedures set out during the facilitated element were being used as a baseline to prepare for element four.
  4. Presentation Skills Training – Each team presented their ideas to Senior Leadership.


Two of the ideas for new or improved service lines were identified as financially viable for immediate implementation. One was combined, along with several team members, with an emerging service line. The final team was asked to do additional discovery and then produce new financial profiles.