Business Challenge

The owner felt that there was too much conflict within the 10 person senior leadership team. She also felt that communication between the team and the consultant staff was inconsistent and, in some cases, non-existent. Both issues were impacting organizational performance and client relationships.

TrainSmart Solution

  1. TrainSmart had been delivering the client’s communication and team-building workshops for several years and was aware of several of the owner’s issues. To verify our perceptions and affirm the owner’s feelings, TrainSmart conducted a simple training needs assessment with the owner and Vice President of Human Resources.
  2. Working with the HR VP, TrainSmart determined that:
    1. Leadership didn’t have a clear understanding that they needed to relate to many rather than manage one or a few.
    2. The company did not have a clear, easy executive and understanding of the vision.
    3. The leadership team lacked trust

With these results in hand, TrainSmart executed the following actions:

  1. Had each leadership team member complete an Everything DiSC® Work for Leaders Profile.
  2. Customized and delivered a two-day on-site workshop that Introduced the Work for Leaders Profile and had the team develop and refine:
    1. A corporate vision.
    2. The steps need to align themselves and their individual teams to the vision.
    3. A plan for executing the steps
    4. The strategy for leveraging the Comparison Reports that were available for each pairing within the organization.
  3. Coached each leader on the execution of their alignment and step execution strategies, and the Comparison Reports.


The owner commented on the cohesion that resulted from the workshop. She also noted that there was an increased willingness to share staff between business units and the desire to identify and develop high-potential staff that could help the company achieve and sustain its vision.