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Leadership Training Consultant & Team Building Trainer In Orlando, FL

TrainSMART’s Orlando Leadership & Team Building Consultant is a retired Air Force officer, Iraq War veteran, experienced leader and innovative business developer. He graduated from the Air Force Academy graduate with 26 years of management experience in Government and Industry. As a logistics leader, he directed maintenance for fighter and cargo aircraft and ran world-wide supply chains.

In the Air Force he performed duties in Maintenance, Safety, Command & Control and Exercise Evaluation for nuclear weapons. A Former Acquisition Corps member, he’s a certified Life Cycle Logistics and Program Management professional. Overseas, he worked side-by-side with the Air Forces of Greece, Italy and Iraq Currently Chuck is developing new opportunities for TrainSMART in the Orlando, FL area.


  • Organized a new Headquarters organization to analyze the health of the Air Force Nuclear Enterprise Steered activation of the 31st Maintenance Operations Squadron and led the unit as its first commander
  • Formed a Logistics Readiness Center at an overseas base immediately after the 9/11 terrorist attacks
  • Led a 290 member aircraft maintenance workforce; recognized as the Wing’s “Best Maintenance Unit

Team Building

  • Partnered with testers from all services to evaluate a $1.2 billion biological defense “detect to treat” system; results informed fielding decisions and persuaded users to change employment concepts
  • Formed and led an evaluation team responsible for planning and executing unit exercises required to earn certification to operate and maintain an integrated nuclear weapons storage and security system

Strategic Planning

  • Led development of a decision support tool enabling decision quality analysis of progress towards achieving Air Force Strategic Plan goals and objectives and overall nuclear enterprise health
  • Oversaw the inaugural Air Force nuclear war game specifically designed to produce courses of action for strategic planners; answered the Air Force Chief of Staff vector to revitalize deterrence thinking
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