Learn to Delegate Effectively and Grow Your Team


When individuals are promoted from a non-management role in managing others, they are not often taught how to delegate. In this live online session, we will discuss delegation challenges and why we end up “just doing it ourselves.”

Participants will be actively engaged in an array of virtual techniques to ensure the retention of concepts.

Target Audience:

Anyone who wants to understand the importance of applying accountability when delegating to lessen confusion and clarify expectations.

The Problem:

In our hyper-productive, “do more with less” culture, managers are often keeping work that should be delegated to team members, or, delegating without spending the necessary time to set expectations and train team members on the process, project, or task.

Our Solution:

To Learn to…

  • Delegate effectively
  • Grow our team members by providing greater responsibility, and
  • Develop ourselves as leaders, by taking on greater tasks, and
  • Manage our own supervisors and peers

Course Outline:

  • Delegating challenges and benefits
  • Discuss delegating with accountability – what it should look like when done right
  • Learn about tools that can help you delegate more effectively
  • Managing your supervisor, your peers, and other stakeholders

Need A Live Virtual Instructor-led Workshop?

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