Unlock Your Managers’ Full Potential with Targeted Training

Managers serve a crucial function in organizations, overseeing projects, motivating people, ensuring smooth operations, and guiding teams through constant change.

With so much on their plates already, your managers need focused training to elevate their leadership abilities. They require development in specific competencies that empower them to remove roadblocks, spark innovation, and drive results across your company.

That’s why TrainSMART offers completely customizable management and leadership training, fine-tuned to build the capabilities your managers need most. Our industry-leading workshops and coaching equip participants with techniques, processes, and mindsets to master essential skills like:

Coaching Skills

Effective coaching is fundamental to managerial success. Our highly interactive training sharpens mentoring, feedback, and motivational techniques to spur continuous employee growth.

Managers learn how to:

  • Establish clear development goals aligned with performance needs
  • Deliver constructive feedback focused on behaviors within the employee’s control
  • Ask insightful questions that prompt self-discovery in team members
  • Build trust and psychological safety in their teams
  • Modify their approach based on direct report communication styles

With stronger coaching abilities, your managers become true partners in unlocking their team’s potential.

Team Building Techniques

Collaboration is everything in today’s complex business environment. Our team-building training teaches managers to foster alignment, camaraderie, and productivity across diverse teams.

Through assessments, group discussions, and roleplay, participants develop skills to:

  • Leverage team member strengths for complementary contributions
  • Build consensus around shared mission and values
  • Improve team communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution
  • Celebrate small wins while maintaining focus on larger goals
  • Inspire trust, engagement, and purpose within the team

Your managers will gain the toolkit to unite dispersed teams and cultivate esprit de corps.

Time Management Fundamentals

With packed schedules, managers must prioritize ruthlessly. Our time management training provides strategies to work smarter, not longer.

Managers learn to:

  • Identify and eliminate chronic time wasters
  • Overcome procrastination through improved focus
  • Set SMART goals and define key tasks to achieve them
  • Prioritize based on importance vs. urgency
  • Schedule time in their calendar proactively
  • Protect priorities from distractions and interruptions
  • Delegate, outsource or automate where possible
  • Say no to non-essential meetings and requests

Participants leave with an organized system to maximize their productivity.

Project Management Essentials

Leading initiatives seamlessly from conception to completion is pivotal for managers. Our project management training equips them with frameworks and tools to execute flawlessly.

Through interactive workshops, managers gain skills to:

  • Outline requirements, deliverables, budgets for a project plan
  • Conduct risk analysis of potential issues
  • Build a realistic schedule with contingencies
  • Assemble and coordinate cross-functional project teams
  • Monitor progress and budgets with key performance indicators
  • Troubleshoot problems and manage changes swiftly
  • Wrap up projects systematically with lessons learned

With proven project management techniques, your managers consistently deliver results on time and under budget.

The responsibilities managers balance are complex and ever-changing. They need ongoing development to hone both the hard and soft skills required in today’s dynamic business climate.

TrainSMART’s customized management training programs help your organization’s leaders thrive by providing interactive training in the most critical areas like communication, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, change management, and more.

We work closely with stakeholders across your company to analyze needs, set objectives, and design training around your precise organizational goals and culture. Our world-class facilitated workshops combined with follow-up coaching ensure:

  • Targeted, relevant content focused on real-world application
  • Engaging delivery with exercises, roleplaying, group discussions, and skills practice
  • An energized learning environment where managers learn from organizational peers
  • Actionable takeaways, tools, and techniques managers can implement immediately
  • Improved leadership competence, confidence, and performance

Don’t leave your management training needs to generic, unproven providers. TrainSMART leverages decades of experience fueling management success at leading global companies.

Invest in your managers and accelerate their growth with our customized programs. Contact us today to discuss your needs and kickstart meaningful development across your management team.