As a top instructional design company our number one objective is to align your training needs with your business goals and strategies.

TrainSmart’s instructional design and development activities are based on classical instructional design models while utilizing contemporary approaches to designing learning. Our partnership with our client’s support an interactive process that improves the efficiencies in design and development-but most importantly – the outcome. Scenario-based, motivational design and immersive learning are just a few of the methodologies we employ to design effective and engaging learning.

Our learning modalities include:

  • eLearning & mobile development
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Instructor-led training
  • Virtual Instructor-led training
  • Blended learning solutions
  • Game-based training
  • Training content development

We are positive a partnership with TrainSmart and our instructional design consultants will lead to positive results no matter what the business challenges involves.

Call us today at 800-807-8030 or email us at [email protected] to discuss how we can help your organization move to the next level of success.

Meet Our Instructional Design Team Members


Anna Filas
Director of Organizational Learning & Instructional Design


David Finley
Director of Instructional Systems


Cynthia Manika
Senior eLearning Developer

Client Service Delivery Model

Just as TrainSmart uses classical instructional design models to develop training, we follow a World Class Service Model to ensure that our clients gain full value from their investment in our services.

Our World Class Service Model is built around three primary tenets: Relationship, Value, and Measurement.

Relationship: We pride ourselves on establishing deep relationships and partnerships with our clients so we may be proactive and strategic in our actions and delivery.

Value: We recognize that client value comes from providing strategic guidance so you may optimize the services and consultative advice delivered.

Measurement: Our clients can realize maximum value by connecting the dots to real world business outcomes – does our solution impact performance, retention, or efficiency and can you measure it? If it is our client’s desire, we work diligently to gain evidence that supports real ROI and helps them to showcase the impact they are having in these areas.

To execute on this service delivery model, TrainSmart leverages an implementation and long-term value framework structure that includes:

Dedicated Client Account Manager: From the first day as a new TrainSmart client, you are assigned a dedicated Client Account Manager, whose sole job is to ensure that you receive maximum value and attention.

Constant Delivery Team: Your TrainSmart team remains in place and provides a “Value Framework” that establishes an ongoing process of support, service, and consulting for your entire organization.

Consultative Assistance: TrainSmart provides extensive consultative guidance within the scope of your project without charging any consulting fees. Your service delivery team will include the correct talent needed to gain the results you seek.

Client Support: TrainSmart provides you with a team of support specialists that answer questions related to organizational and personal performance.

Comprehensive Training and Education: TrainSmart provides training and education programs designed to enhance your capabilities. Our staff of experienced trainers strives to support you when needed, where needed, and how needed every time, all the time.