Research has shown that over 50% of new hires who terminate their employment before six or seven months on the job, do so because of their perceived “bad” experience during the first and/or second day on the job.

In addition to incurring the cost of recruiting, screening and hiring these hires, they most likely have not reached optimal productivity. A double whammy for an employer! Most certainly, one or more current employees have also seen their productivity impacted due to mentoring/coaching these employees.

An effective on-boarding program is a process, not an event! This service seeks to enhance the acculturation and productivity of new employees to your organization.

Benefits of Effective On-Boarding:

  • Reduce new employee turnover.
  • Increase new employee productivity and reduce new hire “drag” on current employee productivity.
  • Make employee orientation a recruiting tool.
  • Ensure uniformity and consistency in on-boarding across group/enterprise.
  • Ability to effectively monitor new hire’s performance during probationary period.

Our services enable you to:

  • Design a new or redesign an existing on-boarding program.
  • Identify ways to make your existing on-boarding more efficient/effective.
  • Merge/integrate isolated on-boarding efforts in one effective integrated program.
  • Integrate on-boarding with on-going training and development programs.
  • Create uniform on-boarding policies, processes and training materials.

Consider our on-boarding services if you are concerned about:

  • New hire turnover
  • Low productivity
  • Not having a formal on-boarding program
  • Having too many individual on-boarding efforts
  • Assessing the effectiveness current on-boarding efforts
  • Incorporating a certification processes in a current on-boarding program

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