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TrainSMART Served As A Chief Learning Officer For A Texas Engineering Firm

President Of TrainSmart, Inc.

Good Evening,

Many ask about the various projects that TrainSmart is involved in outside of the services that you are providing. I think it important for you all to know more about our capabilities, successes, and for you to engage in congratulating our team as we successfully complete a project.  Many of you have heard that I often say that “we can be that extra pair of hands or the “Chief Learning Officer.”  Diane Wendt and I were able to turn the decision to serve as their Chief Learning Officer knowing that we have our TEAM to support the various needs of this project.

HVJ Associates, an engineering firm based in Texas needed help to transition their 30-year-old company to a franchise model operation – ultimately building up to 10,000 franchises, to do that, they needed a partner to serve in the capacity of their Chief Learning Officer.

In our role as Chief Learning Officer, we helped them create an HVJ Learning Management Resource System – a total resource. TrainSmart built from the ground up to provide easy access to the company’s’ myriad of training videos, and thousands of documents.  In addition, TrainSmart brought consistency in the company’s processes and procedures.

TrainSmart delivered a proof of concept following the Rapid Assessment of the current state of the training assets, processes, and procedures. We focused on developing and launching a highly secured and user-friendly learning portal that is a one-stop-shop for any and all operation knowledge management repository. The dashboard portal (HVJ LMRS) is now housed within their website and links all their existing learning and operational resources in one place supporting the franchise and corporate aspects of technology, training, and content for HVJ Associates employees and franchisee owners.

The project was designed to:

  • Formalize all of the reference and training content required for a franchise owner – including a 900+ page online searchable operations manual
  • Design & development of eLearning modules
  • Design & development of an inviting and easy to use front end portal which integrates with HVJ’s
    • Learning Management System
    • Operations Manual, forms, and more.
    • Video library repository system to pull up film clips as well as access to the internet for data of choice.

It was an energizing, highly involved, and detailed project.  We used Storyline to build the eOM and the 2 courses (1/level 1-2 and 1@ level 2-3) these will be eCourse templates for the next phase as we propose the development for the rest of the 9 OM Section eCourses and related training eModules.

Huge thank you and Kudos to the Website Portal/Development brilliance of John Glass and the innovative ID development expertise of Robyn Barton for the OM and eCourse development. They both had terrific relationship skills that Trainsmart is known for.  The client is thrilled, and we are lucky to have such talent working for TrainSmart. A special thank you to Diane Wendt for her passion, vision, interpretation, and talent for Business Relationship & Project Management. Additionally, we give great thanks to Tracey Cloherty, Anna Filas, and Cynthia Manika for their dedication to the TrainSmart brand and their attention to detail. It clearly took a village to get through this project and the Murphy Law we always can count on.

A privilege to work with everyone! Thank you so much! You are so appreciated!!


Warm regards.