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TrainSmart Conducts “Handling Interpersonal Conflict” Workshop for Giordano’s

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TrainSmart Conducts “Handling Interpersonal Conflict” Workshop for Giordano’s

Chicago, IL- April 18th, 2013- Giordano’s Pizza selected TrainSmart Inc. to provide facilitation to restaurant owners and their leadership team.

Giordano’s ( is a prominent and beloved Chicago pizza chain. With over 35 years of experience, Giordano’s pizza has been acclaimed “Chicago’s Best Pizza” by NBC, CBS Chicago, New York Times, Chicago Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Eater, Home & Garden Magazine, Concierge Preferred and more.

Michelle Allegretti from TrainSmart Inc. provided facilitation for Giordano’s Directors, Managers, and Assistant Managers on how to handle interpersonal conflict in the workplace, Emotional Intelligence, and Personal Financial Management.

The three highly interactive workshops focused on:

  1. Handling Interpersonal Conflict- after struggling with professional techniques to handle “uncomfortable conversations and conflict” Giordano’s turned to TrainSmart. Facilitation and participants focused on how to recognize, analyze, and approach conflict.
  2. Emotional Intelligence, in which, participants were made aware of how to assess and understand the personality and emotions of others, groups, and themselves.
  3. Personal Financial Management, in which, participants were made familiar with investment terminology, understanding of types of investments, and how to put all ideas learned into a portfolio.

Who is TrainSmart Inc?

TrainSmart Inc. is a full-service, global organization that focuses on all aspects of personal and organizational performance. Our primary focus is customized training development and delivery including assessments and audits. Our culturally diverse and dynamic team specializes in curriculum design, programming, teaching, training, accounting, organizational development, sales and marketing, change management, leadership development, and professional speaking.