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TrainSmart Debuts Train-the-Trainer In The Twin Cities 

President Of TrainSmart, Inc.

Since TrainSmart launched the original Train-the-Trainer more than 20 years ago, TrainSmart trainers have taught the workshop everywhere from Russia to Viet Nam to Venezuela and back to Chicago, Illinois.

With 50,000 graduates, TrainSmart’s Train-the-Trainer has covered a lot of geography. However, until the week of March 2, 2015, the workshop had never been held in the Twin Cities.

The inaugural workshop for the Twin Cities included representatives from the Federal Reserve Bank and Women Venture.

The debut of this first Train-the-Trainer workshop in the Twin Cities is part of a commitment to have a significant presence in the Twin Cities community.

“As the primary business center between Chicago and Seattle, the Twin Cities is a community that offers a great fit for the services that TrainSmart offers,” explained Leslie Ciborowski, CEO & Founder of TrainSmart Inc.

Ciborowski added, “The main focus of our work is training development and delivery, training assessments and audits, HPT consulting, coaching, and profiles and assessments. TrainSmart is often considered an extra “pair of hands,” whether it be for implementing an elearning module from a PowerPoint scripted deck to a full scale enterprise-wide training initiative like Microsoft Dynamics; Documentum, SAP, Siebel CRM or proprietary software and processes.

TrainSmart is a customer-focused, global full-service learning and development firm with six full-time employees, a core team of 75 senior consultants, and more than 400 “consultants at Large,” plus strategic partners who provide elearning development, profiles and assessments, LMS, and many other services on as-needed basis. 
”Our structure allows us to scale to a client’s needs. We can handle massive projects at attractive prices because we manage our overhead and pass the savings to our clients,” said Ciborowski.

TrainSmart has an internationally certified ( three-day Master Train-the-Trainer workshop, which can be leveraged to deliver a “topic-focused” Train-the-Trainer workshop.  This workshop includes the international competencies required for a workshop to be certified as a “Certified Trainer.”

Follow the link for more information on our Train-the-Trainer Workshops in Twin Cities for 2015.

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Leslie has over 25 years experience in the training industry. Her responsibilities have included sales, hands on management and software training, curriculum development, needs analysis, usability testing, and project management. Her strong training background, organizational skills, and exceptional development expertise, augment her extensive sales and marketing abilities.