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Atlanta Debuts TrainSMART’s Train-the-Trainer Workshop

Whether you call it A-Town, The Big Peach, or The A, Atlanta rolled out its southern hospitality for its first-ever TrainSmart Train-the-Trainer Course in Atlanta, Georgia on June 13 -15, 2018. Thanks to having the world’s busiest airport – the participants were not limited to Georgians. In addition to the locals, this Train-the-Trainer brought attendees from Alabama, New York, and Bermuda.

Like many Train-the-Trainers, the Atlanta session was a combination of seasoned professionals who wanted to attend to refresh their skills and meet the necessary requirements for IBCT ( International Board of Certified Trainers) certification and one participant who had never conducted a training but was being asked to take that role for her organization.

How did the participants feel about the wide range of experiences? As one participant said,

“It’s a great program for new trainers and trainers who need a refresher.” Another participant added, “It achieved what I wanted and learned more than I anticipated. It was a very productive three days.”

TrainSmart ‘s Train-the-Trainer is the only workshop of its kind that qualifies for the IBCT certification. This workshop is ideal for experienced trainers who want to improve their skills, subject matter experts who have new responsibilities to provide training and new trainers who need to begin with the basics and learn best practices.

Past participants include Sales Staff, Trainers, Training Managers, Human Resource and Personnel Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Executives, and Subject Matter Experts.

Since launching the Train-the-Trainer Program over 20 years ago, more than 65,000 people have participated in these programs throughout the United States and around the world including Germany, Viet Nam, Russia, France, Nigeria, and Venezuela.

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