Looking for a one-day Business Writing Skills Workshop in Chicago, IL? We Can Help You!

It is a fact that people do judge us by the words we use. In today’s business world, it is essential to be able to communicate effectively through the written word…

The problem is – many of us have never learned these skills, and it is not always easy to learn them on the job.

If you or your employees want to learn how to write emails, letters, and memos more clearly and with better grammar and style, then we have just the course for you! At TrainSmart, our Business Writing workshops for Chicago-based companies will show you all you need to know about effective communication. In this information-packed one-day seminar, you will learn:

  • How to quickly and easily identify the 4 most common grammatical errors and correct them.
  • Results-oriented writing — how to get the most out of your written communication.
  • Politically correct writing – like it or not, we live in a politically correct world. We teach you how to avoid accidentally offending someone with your written communications.
  • How to get started – everyone has trouble with writer’s block, we show you how to get past it and remain focused on your topic.
  • Effectiveness in writing – learn 6 methods of organization you must employ to write an effective piece.
  • Email Etiquette Training – the Internet has its writing etiquette, learn what it is and how to follow it.
  • Letters & Memos – learn the proper standards for these all-important business documents.
  • Proper proofreading and editing.
  • Much more…

Business Writing Course Outline

  • Grammar Made Easy: Review the rules of punctuation and spelling, how to avoid the four most common grammar mistakes
  • Writing For Results: Learn the 5 C’s of effective writing, learn how to measure the clarity of your writing and how to improve it, and find out how to give your writing that extra pizzazz
  • Writing Politically Correct: What should you never do in your writing, how to make sure that your writing meets today’s tough business writing standards
  • Getting Started: What to do if you have writer’s block? learn how to get started and how to stay focused on the topic, learn the most important “thing” you must have in the first paragraph of almost everything you write
  • Effective Writing: Learn the six organizational methods, find out what you learned in grade school that you MUST use in order to create a well-organized report
  • Netiquette: Discover the ten most important rules to follow when writing an email, learn the new communication problems email has produced and how to avoid them, find out when an email is the proper form of communication and when it is not
  • Letters And Memos: What are proper memo and letter writing standards, learn how to say “no” in your writing without risking business relationships so you can continue to do business with the reader in the future
  • Editing And Proofreading: Learn how to edit your documents, learn four techniques to make you a better proofreader and the six most commonly missed errors