At TrainSMART, we understand that presentation skills are essential for success in the business world. However, we also know that many people suffer from a fear of public speaking.

That’s why we’ve put together a presentation skills training that is specifically designed to help participants overcome their fears and develop the skills necessary to be successful. Our training is led by experienced professionals who know how to help people overcome their fears and develop the skills necessary to be successful in any presentation situation.

Are your team members experiencing the following issues?

  • Undeveloped communication skills
  • Insufficient preparation and practice
  • Lack of understanding of your target audience
  • A message that is not clear and concise
  • Visual aids that do not fit the presentation

Communication is key to success in any profession, and presentation skills are a vital part of that. Whether you’re selling a product, pitching an idea to colleagues, or interviewing for a job, the ability to deliver a clear and concise presentation can make all the difference. That’s why our presentation skills workshop in Chicago is geared toward helping your sales force, management team, human resource personnel, and any others in your organization responsible for presenting material address the core challenges that inhibit them from doing effective presentations.

By the time participants have completed this course, they will have learned how to: – conceptualize and write an effective presentation – design slides that complement (rather than overwhelm) their presentation – deliver their material with confidence and clarity – field questions from their audience with ease Whether you’re looking to improve your own presentation skills or those of your team, this workshop will give you the tools you need to succeed.

Contact us today to learn more about our presentation skills training and how it can help you and your team succeed.

Presentation Skills Training Outline

  • Introduction to Presentations: Why present? Your role? The presentation process
  • Research: Collect information and know your subject matter, Understand Audience Needs
  • Planning: Create a purpose statement, get creative, and organize the topics
  • Develop the Presentation: Create the presentation flow with the presentation development form, Begin with a Bang, State the Purpose, Create a Script, Develop Transitions, and Close with Conviction
  • Develop Materials: Handouts, Reference Materials, Visuals Rules
  • Presenter Skills: V3 communication (vocal, visual, verbal), prepare for challenges, engage your audience, be yourself
  • Practice: How and what to rehearse, Steps to Reduce Fear
  • Present: Practicing Skills

On-Site Custom-Tailored Workshop Information

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