Are you experiencing performance problems somewhere in your organization? Whether they are company-wide, divisional/departmental, or individual in nature, our services are designed to identify the source of the problem and recommend effective solutions.

What this service addresses:

  • Identifies performance-based problems and pinpoints those problems that can be addressed through training.
  • Describes what people are not doing correctly or efficiently that must be improved to increase productivity, response time, customer satisfaction, etc.
  • Helps determine if existing training is relevant.
  • Sets the direction for future training design and development


  • Recognize when training is NOT a solution
  • Avoid unnecessary training
  • Identify unknown or confirm suspected performance problems
  • Train only when necessary

Questions and issues addressed by this service:

  1. Are your individual training courses effective?
  2. Are new learnings (skills and knowledge) from your training actually transferred to the job/work place?
  3. Does your training actually correct/prevent/alleviate performance problems?
  4. Are you using the most effective instructional strategies and delivery systems?

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