Most Chief Learning Officers are overwhelmed with incessant demands for services. Some demands are anticipated, many not. As a result, CLOs have little, if any, time to conduct short-term planning, much less strategic planning.

In some cases, such as an acquisition of another business or the integration and merger of two or more internal training efforts, strategic planning becomes an absolute necessity.

When done, strategic planning is invaluable in effectively managing the training function. The larger the training function, the more valuable the strategic training plan.

Benefits of a strategic training plan

  • Prioritize short versus long-term training needs.
  • Continually reassess planned training projects with new training needs that arise.
  • More accurately budget and staff upcoming training projects.
  • Align major training projects with other enterprise-wide initiatives.
  • Communicate with stakeholders as to how and when their training needs are to be addressed.

Our services enable you to:

  • Build support with internal clients as well as senior management
  • Rationalize and articulate the need for budgetary and personnel resources
  • Properly prioritize organizational training needs
  • Estimate time, cost, and resources in meeting specific training needs over a multi-year period
  • Anticipate enterprise-wide demands for training

Consider a strategic training plan if you are concerned about:

  • Merging/consolidating training functions
  • Needing to manage the training function
  • Wanting to be more proactive and less reactionary
  • Meeting your company’s increased growth and associated training needs

Developed Strategic Corporate Training Plan For Pharmaceutical Industry

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