What this service addresses:

Assesses the effectiveness and efficiency of current training courses and programs to ensure they meet organizational needs and goals.


  • Adopt conduct/delivery best practices
  • Align training with business goals
  • Maximize training technology
  • Integrate training into the daily work of the organization
  • Ensure the transfer of learning to the workplace/job
  • Identify critical areas in need of improvement

Questions and issues addressed by this service:

  1. Is your training program integrated into the daily operations of the business?
  2. Is your training aligned with your business plan/goals/strategy/mission statement?
  3. Can employees articulate the training philosophy of your organization?
  4. Does your training compare favorably with the training standards of your industry?
  5. Do you know how your training is perceived by employees? Management?
    If so, is your training perceived positively?
  6. Do line personnel call upon training expertise when there is a performance problem?
  7. Is your overall training program effective?
  8. Is your training program being managed/administered effectively/efficiently?
  9. Is your organization recognized in your industry for its innovative training processes?
  10. Is attending your training courses perceived as time well spent?

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