Nearly 75% of Americans suffer from a fear of public speaking. Many of these same people fear public speaking more than death itself…

But in the business world, if you are unable to do public presentations, you are putting some serious limitations on how far you (and your organization) can go.

At TrainSmart, we have put together a presentation skills training workshop for individuals and companies in the Los Angeles area, that is specifically designed to help participants overcome their fears and develop the skills necessary to deliver highly professional presentations.

We start by addressing several of the root problems that lead to this fear, such as:

  • Undeveloped communication skills
  • Insufficient preparation and practice
  • Lack of understanding of your target audience
  • A message that is not clear and concise
  • Visual aids that do not fit the presentation

Our presentation skills training in the Los Angeles area is geared toward helping your sales force, management team, human resource personnel, and any others in your organization responsible for presenting material address the core challenges that inhibit them from doing effective presentations.

By the time participants have completed this course, they will have learned how to:

  • Determine the main objectives of the presentation
  • Properly structure the presentation (including appropriate visual aids)
  • Understand the audience they are presenting to
  • Put together an opening that is memorable and will grab the attention of the audience
  • Reduce stress and fear by practicing/rehearsing

Presentation Skills Course Outline

  • Introduction to Presentations: Why present? Your role? The presentation process
  • Research: Collect information and know your subject matter, Understand Audience Needs
  • Planning: Create a purpose statement, get creative, and organize the topics
  • Develop the Presentation: Create the presentation flow with the presentation development form, Begin with a Bang, State the Purpose, Create a Script, Develop Transitions, and Close with Conviction
  • Develop Materials: Handouts, Reference Materials, Visuals Rules
  • Presenter Skills: V3 communication (vocal, visual, verbal), prepare for challenges, engage your audience, be yourself
  • Practice: How and what to rehearse, Steps to Reduce Fear
  • Present: Practicing Skills

Request an on-site presentation skills training workshop or enroll in a 2-day public workshop today. Let’s jump-start your presentation skills!

Meet Del Black
Presentation Skills Trainer

Del Black is TrainSMART’s Los Angeles Learning & Development Consultant who has over 30 years of experience in training, coaching, and consulting both inside major corporations and as an external consultant.

She works in aerospace, hi-tech, engineering, construction, manufacturing, city government, academic, and nonprofit environments.  Her focus is on working collaboratively to provide performance solutions for individuals, work teams, and organizations that increase effectiveness and show measurable results.

Training & Facilitation Specialties

  • Leadership Skills Training
  • Supervisory Skills
  • Time Management Training
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Facilitator Train the Trainer
  • Customer Service Training in Los Angeles, CA
  • Communication Skills Training in Los Angeles, CA
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • DiSC® Workshops
  • Team Coaching
  • Problem Solving
  • Strategic Planning Workshops
  • Process Improvement
  • Executive Coaching for Universities
  • Talent Development for Universities

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