Boost Customer Satisfaction with Customized Training in Orlando, FL

In today’s highly competitive business climate, excellent customer service can make or break a company’s success. But many organizations struggle with customer service representatives who don’t prioritize dazzling the customer. These reps aren’t properly trained or motivated in effective customer service techniques. The result? Customers walk out the door to competitors, costing untold dollars in acquisition and recovery efforts.

Fortunately, Orlando-based TrainSMART offers a solution.

Customized Workshops Drive Service Excellence

TrainSMART provides customized in-person and virtual instructor-led customer service workshops tailored to each client’s needs. The interactive sessions equip reps with the skills and mindset to exceed customer expectations every time.

Participants learn:

The Vital Importance of Customer Service

  • How outstanding service impacts repeat business, referrals, and retention
  • Defining quality customer service
  • Why service excellence is crucial for company success and job security
  • Adopting a customer-focused mindset

Mastering Communication Skills

  • Verbal, visual, and vocal communication techniques
  • Active listening and strategic questioning
  • Giving clear instructions
  • Adjusting communication style to match the customer
  • Engaging etiquette to wow customers

Handling Challenging Situations

  • Basic problem-solving frameworks
  • Strategies for managing difficult customers and emotions
  • Email and phone best practices

Creating “Wow” Experiences

  • Moving from basic satisfaction to exceeding expectations
  • Turning every interaction into a brand-building opportunity
  • Role playing real-world scenarios

Orlando Customer Service Training Drives Results

With TrainSMART’s customized workshops, you’ll see measurable improvements including:

  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Higher sales conversion rates
  • Reduced customer complaints and churn
  • Positive word-of-mouth referrals and reviews
  • Confident, motivated service teams

In today’s experience economy, the companies that win are those that turn customer service into a competitive advantage.

Customer Service Skills Workshop Outline

  • Customer Service Impact: repeat, referral, and retention
  • Communication Skills: verbal, visual, vocal communication, listening skills, asking questions, giving instructions
  • Communication Styles: adjusting communication to fit the style of the customer
  • Communication Etiquette: strategies to engage the customer, ways to say thank you, go beyond being polite and exciting!
  • Developing and delivering a positive, service attitude
  • Email and Phone Etiquette
  • Basic problem-solving skills
  • Strategies to manage challenging customers and emotions
  • Creating the WOW: Moving from satisfying customer expectations to exceeding customer expectations
  • Creating a customer-focused culture: every interaction is an opportunity!
  • Role Play: Practicing the skills

Partner With TrainSMART

TrainSmart can become your full-service training department, delivering solutions to all your on-site training needs. When you partner with us, you gain several advantages, including:

Fully customized
content & delivery


overall costs

on-the-job application

Confidentiality is
not compromised

cohort teams



Hire TrainSMART To Improve Your Customer Service Today!

TrainSMART offers custom-tailored Customer Service workshops to companies in Orlando and throughout the state of Florida.

Our Customer Service workshops are only offered as private workshops. We deliver our customer service training in-person and live online training for private groups. 


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