This workshop is all about practicing training delivery skills.

Apply the essential skills to assist in transferring knowledge to the adult learner in a way that is educational, interesting, fun, and interactive.

No matter if you are a seasoned trainer who wants to improve your trainer skills or a trainer that wants to learn and practice best practices on how to deliver training that is “sticky”, or a Subject Matter Expert who is responsible for training others this workshop is for you!

The Problem

  • You are new to training and do not know how to train people
  • You are a Subject Matter Expert now responsible for training others
  • You don’t have formal training, however, you must attend a one-day session as a part of your professional development plan
  • You don’t have time or budget to attend training that is more than one day

The TrainSMART Solution

  • Learn how to increase your confidence and credibility with skills and technique
  • Learn how to identify the essential skills to train, design, and communicate with adult learners
  • Learn how to “Check-in” with the learner to ensure that the training is sticking

Audiences: Which audience applies to you?

Audience 1:
Seasoned trainers who want
to improve their skills.

This day is all about new training delivery skills, practice, and feedback.

Pre-work: Bring content for a 10-minute training that includes specific elements such as: Begin with a Bang, proper Visual Rules, Interaction, Activity, and possibly a Quiz.

Each participant delivers the same training twice practicing skills identified in the first training.

We start the day with each participant practicing their training session. Provide feedback and the participant trains a second session which is set up for facilitator feedback.

Audience 2:
SMEs who need to train occasionally
and materials are created for them.

Pre-work: Each participant comes prepared with a 10 minutes training session. Topics include Basics of Training Techniques – starting a training session, facilitation techniques (asking questions, interaction), activities (practice), platform skills – body language (eye contact, gestures, movement, facial expressions), vocal and verbal techniques – confidence (reducing fear and anxiety), review techniques.  Afternoon:  practicing skills

Audience 3:
Anyone that wants to learn best practices
on how to deliver training that sticks.

Pre-work: Each participant comes with a 5-10 minute chunk of content that they will deliver and receive facilitated feedback.  Training and delivery techniques are practiced throughout the one-day workshop.

Training Delivery Skills Course Outline

  • Opening Activity (the Intro Activity – first training)
    • Intro high-level process: Select a Topic (partner), Research the Topic (interview), Organize your training (include interaction and activity), Create supporting materials (visuals, participant guide, etc.), Practice, Train
    • Activity
    • Debrief
  • Use the above “process” for the rest of the day
    • Select a Topic (personal or business – something they know really well)
    • Research:  discuss how to make sure you have as much knowledge as possible about your topic
    • Organize:  Develop a purpose statement, brainstorming form, align to purpose, 3 key messages, activities
    • Supporting Materials:  proper visual rules
    • Practice:  Facilitation/Trainer skills – interaction, questions, body language, and more
    • Train:  practice skills (10 minutes)
      • AM:  get through everything through practice
      • Working Lunch (Lab time)
      • PM:  practice and feedback

Bring TrainSMART’s Trainer Delivery Skills Course On-Site At Your Location