Session Length Options: 4, 8, 12, 16 hours


If you have an inbound, outbound, or bi-directional call center, then you know how hard it is to develop the needed skills and knowledge related to customer service, telephone usage, emails, and managing the chats. This workshop helps Customer Service Reps (CSR) learn to make the most of their telephone-based work, including understanding the best ways to listen and be heard. Each telephone interaction or virtual meeting has elements of sales and customer service skills, which attendees learn in detail and practice throughout this energizing and practical workshop.

Target Audience:

  • Anyone responsible for a Call Center and those working as a Customer Service Representative.

The Problem:

  • Challenges since COVID.  Both internal and externals customers want immediate response and have lost their patience and even proper business communication etiquette.
  • Customer Service Representatives have never been formally trained on active listening, paraphrasing, reading, and mirroring the caller, etc.
  • Customer Service Representatives lack skills on how to manage difficult situations.
  • Lack of empathy.
  • Customer Satisfaction Ratings are low.
  • Best practices when responding via email.

Our Solution:

To Learn to…

  • Use strategies to control your emotions.
  • Use strategies to manage difficult situations.
  • Employ practices for understanding behaviors, listening, and focusing on stated needs and expectations.
  • Strategies for responding clearly and concisely via email.

Course Outline:

  • Verbal communication techniques.
  • Who are your customers?
  • Active Listening skills.
  • Mirroring.
  • Asking the right questions and saying no.
  • Taking messages and using voice mail effectively
  • Handling objections.