Virtual Selling Strategies – Open More Doors, Close More Sales

Session Length Options: (Two) 5-hour sessions


One of the by-products of COVID-19 is that businesses and health care providers are increasingly refusing in-person visits from medical devices, life sciences, and biotech sales reps.

These same reps who were successful in the “real world environment” are not finding the same success selling virtually.

Their strategies for getting in the door, pitching the product or service, building relationships, and closing the sale are falling short.

In TrainSMART’s Virtual Sales Training workshop, participants will develop a new set of strategies, tools, and tactics to sell in the virtual environment.

This new virtual sales tool kit is designed to help the sales rep get beyond the gatekeeper, build trust, demonstrate value, and ultimately close more sales.

Target Audience:

  • Regional Sales Managers, Sales District Managers, and Sales Representatives

The Problem:

The virtual sales environment is thwarting sales reps’ most valuable asset—themselves.  While most sales reps have a full toolkit of product samples, brochures, and presentations, they know that all the sales tools in the world won’t matter if a prospect doesn’t like them.

When these sales reps could walk into a clinic or office, they could rely on the power of their smile, personality, and overall likeability to get through the first hurdle of the sales process. Without that power of that first, likable impression, these same sales reps are struggling. In the virtual environment, sales reps have to enter the office via a phone call without any props that say, “I’m likable.” Or do they? They don’t. It’s just a different type of visual geared to a different culture.

Virtual sales are like selling in a different country. You have to learn the new rules and language to succeed. This is a workshop about mastering the rules, language, and art of virtual selling.

Our Solution:

We’ve dialed in a state-of-the-art virtual sales toolkit. Reps will learn to…

  • Build likeability and trust with new prospects
  • Unlock the gatekeeper so that they enable connections with Office Managers, Medical Assistants, and Doctors
  • Utilize media to create top-of-mind awareness among target customers
  • Deliver a concise organization value proposition
  • Clearly state the personal value reps bring to new and existing accounts
  • Leverage each of the four selling triggers that green light sales
  • Right-size the content and visuals for clinical selling conversations
  • Build sales pitches of various lengths for time-crunched situations
  • Handle highly clinical presentations in a virtual setting
  • Nurture relationships post-sale
  • Develop a high-impact sales plan for both the region and individual

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