Is Your Dealership Achieving Its Full Potential?

Even successful dealerships can get better. Continuous improvement is key to staying competitive, boosting profitability, and creating a positive work culture.

That’s where TrainSmart comes in. For over 15 years, we’ve helped dealerships across the country identify opportunities and make positive changes through customized training, coaching, and improvement programs.

Our structured approach for dealerships delivers real, measurable results:

  • Enhanced customer service and higher CSI scores
  • Increased sales, productivity, and employee retention
  • Better communication and teamwork across departments
  • More effective leadership and management
  • Efficient operations and cost reductions

We start by fully understanding your goals and challenges through management interviews, data review, and comprehensive dealership evaluation. Then we design targeted solutions that get to the root of issues.

Training is the core of our programs. We provide customized workshops and ongoing coaching to help employees and managers at all levels adopt best practices. Topics range from customer service and communication skills training to leadership skills training, hiring, and technology utilization.

And we don’t just train – we give you the tools to make improvements stick. Our continuous improvement process builds accountability and gives your teams the skills to drive change into the future.

The ProcessDescriptionLength of Time
(approx. depending on
dealership size & goals)
1.Understand Management Goals and ChallengesSchedule a meeting with management to identify goals and challenges2 Hours
2.Collect Data: Mystery Shop, Observation and InterviewsTrainSmart will mystery shop all departments and processes in person, via phone and online.

A TrainSmart consultant will then spend time in the dealership observing customer and employee interactions, conducting interviews to understand tools and processes, and review and analyze CSI data.
3 to 5 Days
3.Develop Improvement StrategyOnce all of the data has been collected, TrainSmart will provide a recommended improvement strategy that will include training, coaching, and a suggested schedule.8 Hours
4.Training – Employees and Managers – Coaching and PracticeTraining is the foundation to improving skills. Training topics may include:

- Communication
- Customer Service
- Serving the Female Customer
- Improving CSI Creating a Dealership Team
- Social Media Strategy
- Phone Skills
- Meeting Facilitation for Managers
- Coaching Skills for Managers
- Leading vs. Managing
- Greeting and Leading Customers (Sales and Service)
- Creating an Effective Follow-up process (Sales and Service)
- Improving Demonstration Skills (Sales)
- Writing a Good RO and Story Using CCC (Service Advisors and Techs)
- Interviewing and Hiring
- Creating a Performance Review Process

“Training is an event, learning is a process.” TrainSmart will work with your management team to provide tools and processes to ensure that training is reinforced and practice occurs to improve skills before employees work with the customer.
Each session can be scheduled in 2 hour segments and will vary depending on needs and personnel. A kickoff training session is recommended for the entire dealership to ensure that everyone understands the goals for the dealership and the program.
5.Continuous Improvement ProcessTrainSmart has developed a process that combines concepts from Kaizen and other problem-solving, improvement methodologies. By involving team members from across the dealership, the CIP improves teamwork, increases accountability and understanding, reduces costs, improves efficiency and effectiveness, and enhances the overall culture of the dealership. TrainSmart will facilitate the first CIP team and train selected personnel to carry on the process.Varies

Don’t settle for mediocrity. Contact us today to learn more about achieving your dealership’s full potential with TrainSmart.