Bio-Rad needed to improve the technical writing skills of 500 research scientists and engineers who were producing overly detailed reports. Many of these experts were non-native English speakers without formal business writing training. As a result, their reports were unclear and difficult to understand.

Bio-Rad partnered with TrainSMART to provide customized 3-session technical writing training for engineers. The goal was to help participants write clear, concise technical documents tailored to their readers’ needs.


The TrainSMART workshop equipped Bio-Rad’s scientists and engineers with practical techniques to strengthen their technical writing. By the end, participants could:

  • Plan documents using a content pyramid structure aligned with how the brain processes information. This technique enabled them to highlight key details upfront while relegating non-essential information to the base of the pyramid.
  • Choose content carefully based on what the reader needs to know versus what’s nice to know. This helped them focus on the most relevant details.
  • Craft strong opening statements to gain reader buy-in immediately. Transitions then connected key points fluidly.
  • Provide constructive feedback on others’ writing and incorporate feedback into their own documents.

The customized 1:1 coaching sessions following the workshop let participants implement their new skills on actual projects.

By optimizing document structure, content, and style for the reader, TrainSMART’s training transformed Bio-Rad’s technical reports into concise, understandable communications. The scientists and engineers gained confidence in their writing abilities, turning a weakness into a strength.

Bio-Rad was very pleased with the training’s impact on improving technical writing across the organization. They plan to partner with TrainSMART for future employee development initiatives as well.