Business Challenge

Users of this large financial services company’s asset management system needed access to an easier-to-use set of learning and reference tools. Our client wanted to maintain a “Big Picture” approach in the training and materials. These tools would be available online, as well as in a paper format. The request was that the materials were sustainable which meant easily up-datable, reusable, accessible and easy to use for everyone. In addition, TrainSmart was asked to provide their expertise when creating a website for the asset management team.

TrainSmart Solution

TrainSmart designed and developed training materials which included a facilitator’s guide, a user manual, job aids, a pull-out glossary, a user guide in PDF format with links for use on the Internet, and a translation table/ diagram to demonstrate the “Big Picture” of the Asset Management process. Most of the content was available via the electronic format; however, four segments needed particular updating (procurement, end of lease, server moves, and disposal). Working with SMEs from the Asset Management team, TrainSmart provided sound instructional design advice, guidance, organization, formatting, and editing of the training materials to best meet the Client’s training needs and desires.


Success! The Client had a solid training design and documents that they used six months into the project implementation to provide upgraded features. Since the files were all referenced as links from their internal Asset Management website, their internal clients had access to materials that supported the upgrade. The updated files took less than 70% of the time to update due to the organization and design model that was implemented.


I have nothing but praise for TrainSmart, Leslie and her stellar staff. The end product was technically sound and easy to use. Additionally, the format was straightforward to modify and all of the knowledge to do so was transferred to multiple folks on my team. Although our end deliverable was in constant flux, TrainSmart made sure that in the end we looked great to our internal clients.
-Former Member of the Financial Services Company’s Management Team