BakoDx specializes in laboratory diagnostics of nails, skin, wounds, soft tissue, and bone of the lower extremity. Sales leadership was seeking ways to knock down the sales roadblocks the pandemic presented. Without face-to-face selling opportunities, the 25-person sales force was struggling. Existing customer relationships were harder to maintain, and new potential clients were unresponsive to phone calls and emails. Regional sales were in danger of declining without some new ways to engage current clients and cultivate new ones.


TrainSMART was asked to design, develop, and deliver virtual sales training for BakoDX’s sale function that would span two days and feature four, two-hour content blocks.

Input interviews with sales leaders, as well as front-line representatives in both inside and outside sales, revealed the training had to:

  • Be aligned with Bako’s integrity sales model
  • Match the culture of the organization
  • Clarify both the company’s and the individual’s value proposition

Each of the four co-facilitated sessions was led by TrainSmart’s Greg and Elana and included a mixture of video, Google Jam board interaction, breakout sessions, chat, polls, excursions, and personal reflection. The theme of the training captured the key to successful virtual selling:


Facilitated Zoom meeting sessions focused on the following content blocks and activities:

Day 1 Morning – Overview: The Brand and Virtual Selling

  • There are more variables to prepare for in a virtual sales experience
  • Overview of the virtual tool kit
  • Introduce the four “sales switches” that “green light” a sales call
  • Creation of an overall BakoDX value proposition for new customers (template provided)
  • Real World assignment – Make 3 calls to potential customers and deliver the companies value prop

Day 1 Afternoon – Tools for reaching potential customers.

  • Clarify each sales rep’s personal brand – what value they bring to the customer
  • Personal brand statements were polished in small breakout sessions
  • Real World assignment – Deliver your personal brand statement to a customer you’ve been trying to build a relationship with
  • Prime the pump for more callbacks:
    • Create several “connection campaigns” that will increase likeability and trust
    • Build a social media plan to get farther, faster with potential customers. Open the door to more meaningful sales conversations (Template)
    • Send “likeability” eCards to new customers

Day 2 Morning – Selling to existing customers

  • Debrief Day 1’s outreach to new customers – what worked, what didn’t
  • Select a current customer and build a value proposition that expands the business
  • Develop your personal time-crunched sales pitch (3 versions: 10 in., 5 min., and 1 min.)
  • Workshop your pitch in breakouts, receiving constructive feedback

Day 2 afternoon – Action Planning

  • Seek external examples of building trust and great communication (Excursion)
  • Personal workshop time – Practice your time-crunched pitch
  • Create an action plan for prioritizing customers for your pitch. Tweak the value prop to fit the customer situation and your goal for the account
  • Pre and post-call tactics
  • Production of a 30-second video demoing a product or service using your smartphone
  • Celebrating the learning

Results and Feedback

Direct participant feedback showed high agreement that the training sessions:

  • “Uncovered fresh perspectives” which were “personally relevant.”
  • The “facilitators were highly competent and very responsive” to participants’ learning needs.
  • “The training was great and really helped boost everyone’s confidence levels.”

In fact, many attendees were having immediate success after each session concluded. The average number of electronic touches to receive a call back is eight. Participants in this workshop were opening doors after 3 to 4 emails following the training.

Workshop tools and tactics remain effective 5 months after the training.