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Manufacturing organizations need to ensure that they have strong leadership, solid processes, technical proficiency, and robust customer service and sales skills.

Our work with manufacturing clients includes needs assessment and professional development training on a variety of skills such as improved leadership and communication, enhanced problem solving abilities, greater proficiency with technology tools, persuasive presentation skills and effective project management.

We have experience with training lean manufacturing principles such as Process Mapping, Six Sigma, and Total Quality Management (TQM).

Some key training initiatives TrainSmart has delivered in the manufacturing industry include:

Training Program Design & Development

  • Conducted a training needs analysis of the training division in Nogales, MX. Identified immediate areas of improvement and suggestions for 3 to 5 year training plan.
  • Created eLearning designed for production workers, supervisors and engineers to learn proprietary software.

Professional Development Training

  • Delivered Project Management and Time Management workshops to engineers
  • Developed an delivered a Train-the-Trainer workshop for Fisher University subject matter experts
  • Developed and delivered a manufacturing Leadership Program designed to enhance leadership and communication skills, generate some changes to corporate culture, review and revise processes and create a more cohesive corporate team
  • Developed & delivered Presentation Skills workshop customized for staff involved with new employee orientation. This workshop allowed students to create a clear, concise message for new employees, develop PowerPoint visuals to enhance their message and learn techniques that increased their effectiveness in presenting information.

Technical Training

  • Developed Microsoft Office training for 200 employees
  • Delivered Microsoft Office upgrade training

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