IconBg_0000s_0000_EnergyTraining & Employee Development For Energy & Utilities Companies

The ability to efficiently deliver utility services such as gas, electric and water and interact effectively with customers require constant focus on improving processes and communication skills.

TrainSmart has worked with utility and energy companies to manage usability and documentation teams for an enhanced customer management software program, developed and delivered customer service training and communication skills training, and created web-based training for improved product knowledge.

Train-the-Trainer Learning for the Energy Industry

Safety Division Training Program for Global Mining Company

Some key training initiatives TrainSmart has delivered to the energy and utilities industries include:

  • Training Needs Assessments
  • Strategic Training Plan Development
  • Designed Training Programs For Techs & Call Center
  • Custom Communication Skills Training
  • Developed WBT For Gas Pricing Program
  • Developed Team Building Program
  • Instructional Design Services
  • Global Train-The-Trainer Development
  • Supervisory Training For Crew Leaders
  • Developed Custom MS Office Training
  • Customer Service Training
  • Developed Web-Based Training