Our Houston, TX energy services client was implementing a quality process that required that select individuals would be designated a Quality Assurance Verifier (QAV) for their assigned field locations. The QAV is to review employee performance in relation to documented job procedures and either stamp the employee’s Job Passport or coach the employee on ways to accomplish the tasks and steps defined in the job procedures.

TrainSmart Support

TrainSmart’s instructional designer worked with the Houston, TX energy services client to accomplish the following:

  • Develop the workshop Goal and Objectives to ensure their format addresses Audience, Behavior, Condition, and Degree.
  • Select the appropriate content from existing, off-the-shelf TrainSmart materials.
  • Incorporate the Wiley Publishing Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile to address understanding behaviors.
  • Incorporated client content related to the QAV role and the Job Passport.
  • Develop all practices and assessments to ensure alignment with Goals and Objectives.
  • Develop the Student Materials and the PPT Deck.
  • Work with the client’s facilitator to ensure an understanding of the design, content, and delivery of the workshop including DiSC®.
  • Co-facilitated the Pilot with the client’s facilitator.
  • Monitored First Teach and coached the client’s facilitator.
  • Work with the client’s facilitator on an ongoing basis to improve the workshop including changes in processes and procedures.


The client implemented a custom-tailored workshop as a component of their quality process for new and existing employees consistently accomplish assigned tasks according to established, approve procedures.