Making End-Users Successful! It Isn’t About the Product!

Some companies that do training call this product knowledge training. TrainSmart accepts that there are products; however we believe it’s the end-user that drives any successful product implementation!

In fact, when you are looking to bring a new product to market, it’s more about a new product changing end-use behaviors – this is your biggest roadblock. Even if it’s a simple product and a small end-user audience, addressing change is as important as the training.

TrainSmart and Product Training

TrainSmart’s success with Product Training is about . . .

  • Giving your customer an experience that brings them back!
  • Getting the employees excited about handling interactions correctly every time.
  • Integrating change into effective hands-on learning.
  • Focusing on all affected audiences – Support, Sales, Service, Supply Chain, Customers

TrainSmart blends these critical characteristics into our designs so that the content including exercises and practice focusing on real life as much as possible. This sometimes requires a robust Sand Box that can be broken then quickly rebuilt or refreshed while being accessed by multiple users simultaneously.

Our learning events reflect real-life! Small, simple exercises or directions build to complex activities like Case Studies that require end-users to think – as well as apply. We develop learning events that focus on what the audience needs to be immediately successful with the product and on-the-job!

To do this, TrainSmart breaks the tasks into user and job-specific task sets based on roles. Then we divide these role specific tasks into performance sets – daily (access, exit, navigation, relationship between tasks and between roles, etc.), weekly (reports, summaries, updates, etc.), monthly, and annually. Then TrainSmart partners with you to identify delivery and support strategies.

Delivery – Instructor Led, webinar, Virtual Instructor-led, elearning,

Support – Help Desk, Super Users, Static and Interactive Job Aids, eLearning

TrainSmart learning solutions focus on successfully bringing your product to market fully supported!

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