Large-scale training projects have challenges unique to their execution and implementation.

Having multiple teams simultaneously working on different deadlines with different deliverables requires intensive orchestration, clear communication, and consistency across projects and tasks. Otherwise, a small change made to the content, approach, or timeline on one team can ripple across other teams and cause unintended confusion and delay.




That’s why, when TrainSmart takes on a large-scale rollout project, we commit everything to it.

With several project managers directing their individual teams and reporting to a program manager that acts as conductor to the entire affair using collaboration tools, defined escalation paths, and scheduled meetings and reports, we make sure everyone stays synchronized and on plan.

How can TrainSMART help me?

Large-scale training is appropriate almost any time that you’re making a decision that will affect your entire business in multiple ways:

  • IT or other systemic rollouts
  • A change in mission statement or other core business values
  • Adopting new management methods or relational strategies
  • Mergers or reorganizations
  • Introducing a radically new product or service
  • Expanding into a new cultural environment