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Why do Software Implementations Fail?

Did you answer employees? TrainSmart tends to agree with you. Anymore, software is fairly easy unless of course you looking at an Enterprise Resource Planning System or a Customer Relationship Management System or a Human Resource Management System or a Supply Chain Management System or a Point of Sales System or – you get our point.

Any system implementation has unique people issues. TrainSmart knows it and, perhaps deep done, so do you!

When employees don’t properly use the new technology, risks and costs go one way and customer satisfaction, turnover, and sales go the other!

TrainSMART has the experience, the tools, and the hands-on talent to change the complex to a challenge – sorry even we can’t make it a cake walk.

TrainSMART looks at the system by role and then focuses on the changes that must occur by activity and task. Then we partner with you to determine how best to train, reinforce, and support each employee so that each experiences success – which leads to satisfaction and happiness.

So, think about your software and technology plans, then pick up the phone and call TrainSmart. Together, we’ll figure out what to do, when to do it, and to whom successfully!