Business Challenge

The learning & development group at this pharmaceutical company wished to develop a strategic training plan based on a learning needs assessment. The immediate objective of the project was to assess the current and future training needs which serve as the basis for developing a strategic training plan.

TrainSmart Solution

The purpose of the project was to enable and move the client’s training and development efforts forward over a three-year period with a purpose and vision that aligned with their business goals.

The training needs assessment was undertaken to complement the client’s concurrent needs assessment. TrainSmart’s team conducted hour-long interviews with a cross section of 19 key Medical Affairs personnel to identify their learning needs in four major areas: scientific, functional/departmental, professional development, and technical.

The results surfaced 10 areas of specific training needs, not only in terms of specific topics (i.e., potential courses), but also needs in terms of enhanced processes and resources.


These needs then became the input for developing a strategic training plan that prioritized and outlined specific development projects to be undertaken by the Learning and Development group over the next two years.